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Born in the most beautiful place of the world,

under High Tatras in Slovakia is making me proud to show you my lovely home country. As I spend some time working abroad I can compare the life here with life behind the border.

I spent almost 11 years abroad (UK, river ships on Rhein-Main-Danube canal, Dolomites, Ireland), I worked in several positions, than I started as a tour director for Cosmos/Archers direct and I felt, that this is it, what I like and I want to do in the future. I worked for them three years and than family duties replaced travelling around Europe.

Now I spend time with my family and try to show my lovely home country to english and german speaking foreigners, who love to hike, travel and discover the treasure of the small country in the heart of Europe.


Slovakia is not very well known, but it has a lot to offer. I am sure, that you will be impressed by its unknown natural beauties, historical towns, sights as this little mountainous country has to offer a lot to everyone. Whether you are a passionate mountain lover, hiker, or historophille, who is fascinated by the historical sights and history or just want to relax and enjoy beautiful scenery of this land, you´ll love it here.

Professional guiding.

Professional guiding.

Years of experience.

Years of experience.

Complex assistance.

Complex assistance.

Knowledge of the area.

Knowledge of the area.

Individual approach and flexibility.

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams

Every trip is different, as we all are different, too. We all have different expectations and interests. You just need to know, what you want, what you want to see and I am sure, we create such programme that suits you the best.

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Through the cooperation with small local family run travel agency and individual attraction providers, you support the locals and you´ll get all the services you are interested in and you need.

I am looking forward to meet you, Slovakia discoverer. Let´s do the best of your stay here.




The mountainous terrain of this tiny country in the heart of Europe provides countless opportunities for hiking, cycling or skiing. The most famous and the highest mountains, described as the smallest mountains in the world, are the High Tatras. If you love hiking, you shouldn´t definitely bypass Slovakia. Easy, moderate and challenging hiking trails with unique views leading on stone paths along the mountains, waterfalls and majestic mountain peaks will steal your heart. Enjoy the beautiful nature, get to know the locals, their history and culture through a professional local guide.


Europe has a rich history. Every single corner of Slovakia breathes with history, too. Numerous castles, castle ruins, historical towns, town squares, wooden churches and houses are telling the visitors its story. Once part of Hungarian Empire, now young modern state which had to overcome many obstacles to get to where it is today. Get to know more about the history, listen to the stories of the these unique places and experience the hospitality of the locals with the professional local guide.

Combo adventure

It´s not only the mountains and hiking, but everything together which makes the unique experience in the small big country in the heart of Slovakia. Small, but rich on historical, cultural and natural sights. Stone paths, great views, natural scenery, interesting natural attractions like caves, waterfalls, great gothic churches with unique wooden altars, inside decorations and frescos, unesco towns and sights, numerous castles and castle ruins, wooden churches, wooden rafts, museums and much more. You just have to decide, what you want to see. So, if you tell me, what you prefer I am sure we´ll make the best programe for you.

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    Brian, USA.

    Thank you for making our trip something to remember always.

      Sue and Roy, USA

      We have enjoyed a wonderful holiday. Thank you for making it so special and memorable. You were right in Saying Slovakia is beautiful.

        Angela, UK

        Thanks a lot for taking us to all the beatiful places. We loved your commentaries through out our tour and we loved the High Tatras and Slovakia.

          Karsten and Christian, Germany

          The hiking was great. We really enjoyed the magnificent views and all the interesting information about your country.

            Kerry and Rosemary, USA

            Thank you Petra. Your enthusiasm is infectious (this is nice!). You have guided us so well and we have really enjoyed our trip. I shall always remember some of your special sayings. Again – a huge thanks.

              Peter und Carolin, Germany

              We were very satisfied and totally recommend Petra´s services, it was fun, thanks for the great experience we carry home from Slovakia.